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Two Audiences, One Goal

One of the ways we are different than most Internet Marketing companies, and provide quality traffic for our clients, is our team ensures that content on your website works for two audiences. The first audience that your website content should be created for, and likely the first audience you think of for your website, is visitors and potential customers coming to your website. Once someone visits your website, you want the content to be informative, compelling and ultimately lead to qualified visitors contacting you about your business. The second audience, and no less important than the first, is the search engines. Without content that search engines can understand, and find to be high quality, getting visitors to your website can be much more difficult. The importance of providing content that "works" for both audiences should not be overlooked. Even with content that the search engines love, without that same content appealing to visitors, your website won't function the way you want it to. On the other side, even if the content on your website is perfect for visitors, without search engines, getting those visitors to your site is much harder and can be more expensive.

Internet Marketing Tools

To attract qualified visitors website, we provide a complete Internet Marketing solution, Our custom solutions include the use of several interwoven tools and strategies including:

•  Website Design/Programming
•  Microsites
•  Directory Sites
•  Pay-per-click (PPC)
•  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
•  Social Media
•  Informational Articles/Blogs
•  Live Chat
•  E-mail Marketing
•  Customized Web Utility Applications

Athens, Georgia, Internet Marketing While each of these tools and strategies can be effective on their own, a campaign that utilizes a combination of these tools and strategies to support the overall whole of the campaign is much more effective than the use of the tools on their own. In order to provide the most effective campaigns for our clients, we have developed a proprietary process that is implemented through the cyclical use of the three campaign phases (Strategy, Management, and Development). Through the strategy phase, we ensure that the tools being used are designed to meet your goals. During the management phase, we implement the tools determined by the strategy phase and continually monitor the progress of the campaign. The development phase of the campaign is where we review and refresh the campaign to ensure the most effective and efficient campaign is being implemented. By regularly reviewing the campaign through a development phase, we are able to adjust the strategy and management to increase the return on investment of the campaign.

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